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Tell us about any event or action that you organize. We are interested to hear whether it is a small community gathering for a showing of the Be Healthy film, or if you manage to get an audience with your Minister of Health. See other suggested actions here.

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What country/province/city-town did it take place in?

How many activists / advocates did you involve?

How many sympathetic organizations did you involve?

What action did you take?
Met with decision makers Met with health care workers Wrote to decision makers Wrote to HIV clinic / health care facilities Organized a viewing of the video Organized a protest Organized a petition 

Other, state what you did

What were the results? (for example did you achieve media coverage, did the health facility promise to defer upwards, how many signatures did you get for your petition)

We will keep you posted on the campaign. Tick this box if you would prefer not to receive any communications about the campaign.
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