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On this page you can see that Cameroon has adopted the WHO Guidelines on viral load testing and that the test is not widely available. You can also find the address for your Minister of Health so you can write and demand action.

Number of people living with HIV in Cameroon


Source: UNAIDS 2013

Percentage of people living with HIV on antiretroviral therapy in Cameroon


Source: UNAIDS 2013

Existence of government policy on viral load testing

Yes. 2013 WHO Guidelines adopted

Source: 2015 MSF analysis of UNAIDS & IAPAC databases

Availability of routine viral load testing in Cameroon

Limited availability

Source: 2015 MSF analysis of UNAIDS & IAPAC databases

Campaign partner in Cameroon

Alternatives Cameroun

Yves Yomb Executive Director Tel: +237 698 48 26 14 Email:

Write to your Minister of Health

Le Ministre de la Santé Publique Monsieur André Mama Fouda + 237 023722 22 0172 Douala, Cameroun Write to the Minister of Health requesting that routine viral load testing is made available. See sample letter (Word). See other actions here.

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