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Advocacy for Community Treatment Toolkit

The aim of the Advocacy for Community Treatment toolkit is to support and train community activists to advocate effectively on access to treatment for people living with HIV.

There are some ideas in the toolkit that can be used for advocating for routine viral load testing. Good luck, and remember to let us know what you did.

Download the Advocacy for Community Treatment Toolkit (PDF)

MSF resources for decision makers

For decision makers in government and government officials who would like to scale up access to routine viral load testing, help is at hand.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) works in the region helping governments to pilot and implement viral load monitoring.

Download ‘MSF resources for decision makers’ (PDF).

Sample letter and information sheet

Please find sample letters below that you can send to your national decision maker or health facility.

Sample letter to decision makers

Here is a letter that you could adapt and send to your Minister of Health, or another decision maker. You can find the address of your decision maker on this website if it is amongst our focus countries. Otherwise you can look it up on the internet. Adapt the Word document to suit the situation in your country. Or simply insert your details wherever there is red text. Delete the instructions in red, and convert all text to black.

Download the sample letter to decision makers (in Word)

Information sheet for health facilities

Here is an information sheet for health workers for you to hand in at your regular HIV clinic or health facility.

If you requested a viral load test and this wasn’t available you could hand over this sheet to inform the health workers about viral load testing, and why it is important. You could encourage them to hand it to their boss or the person in charge. Remember to let us know.

Download the information sheet for health workers (PDF)

Campaign flyers for you to print

We have produced two leaflets for you to use in your advocacy. There are two types. One is targeted at decision makers and written in a language they can understand. The other one is for people living with HIV to tell them the benefits of viral load testing. See both leaflets below.

Advocacy leaflet for decision makers

This leaflet for decision makers provides all the information that your decision makers need. If you have a meeting with them it is a good resource to leave with them. You can also refer them to the ‘MSF resources for decision makers’ which is available to download, above.

Download Leaflet for decision makers colour (PDF)
Download Leaflet for decision makers 1st page b/w (PDF)
Download Leaflet for decision makers 2nd page b/w (PDF)

Advocacy leaflet for people living with HIV

Here is a leaflet that you can use in your activities to promote awareness of the value of viral load testing amongst people living with HIV. If you want to translate this leaflet into your local languages you can use the same artwork. Get in touch with us at and write Be Healthy Artwork in the subject line.

Download the colour leaflet for people living with HIV (PDF)


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