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Is your HIV treatment working? You have a right to know

A viral load test is the only sure way to know if your treatment is working. More about viral load testing

Find out how a viral load test saved London Chuma's Life

Watch the video

Without a viral load test I'm sure I wouldn't be here today

Know your viral load

Ask for a test from your HIV clinic. It is the only safe way to know if your treatment is working. Spread the word. Follow our suggestions

Demand routine viral load testing

Demand viral load tests for you and your community. Routine viral load testing is part of your right to health.Join the campaign

Routine viral load monitoring is often not available

In many African countries, even when tests are available they are frequently too expensive.

Explore the map to find out the situation in our eleven focus countries (shaded in blue).

Demand routine viral load tests in your own country. Take Action